Man Interrupts Alleged Burglars, Holds Them At Gunpoint Until Cops Arrive


Cowlitz County sheriff's deputies probably never imagined they'd get a call from a burglar reporting himself, but that's what happened after the man and his partner were reportedly caught red-handed by a homeowner who held them at gunpoint.

Bill Lahti told KATU2 he drove to his family's rural home in Woodland, Washington, on Nov. 29 and realized intruders were in the house.

"So Monday night, I roll up and there's their truck backed up to the front door in the yard. Door was about probably 4 inches open. I could see the light through there. So, I came out there, jumped out of my truck, kicked the door open and there they were," Lahti told KATU2.

The man, holding a gun, told the burglars to get on their knees and tried to call 911 on his cellphone, but he wasn't getting reception. That's when he ordered one of the would-be burglars to make the call himself. It's not clear if the alleged burglar called cops on his own cellphone or a landline in the house.

Police took two men, 21 and 18 years old, into custody, but it wasn't immediately clear if the men were charged. The KATU2 report named both men, but did not mention any criminal charges or indicate whether police were still looking into the case.

Source: KATU2 News / Photo credit: Washington News Now

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