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Man Intending to Propose in the Nude Goes to the Wrong House, Gets Tasered, Arrested

A Florida man who planned to propose to his girlfriend while naked went to the wrong house and ended up getting tasered and arrested.

Thomas Edwards, 22, claimed he pulled the stunt because his girlfriend told him to propose in the nude. It was 3:45 a.m. on Sunday when he knocked on the wrong door in Casselberry. Homeowners called the police, who had a bizarre and ill-tempered confrontation with the nude man.

When officers arrived on the scene they told Edwards to get dressed because he was still “completely naked.”

Edwards told police his name was “Zim” and that he came to the home because his girlfriend told him to come over.

Police didn’t think that made much sense. Edwards, tired of talking, said “he just wanted to go to jail.” He asked if head-butting a cop would get him arrested.

“I told him not to try it,” said one of the responding officers, according to the police report.

Edwards then said he would spit in the officer’s face. Despite a warning, he spit in the officer’s face and was tasered.

He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure in public, battery on an officer and burglary. His first court appearance is Monday. He was warned not to return to the Casselberry home.

The transcript of the 911 call from the homeowner read:

Dispatcher: Do you know who he is?

Caller: No, I don't.

Dispatcher: Was he knocking on the door or anything? 

Caller: Yea he was.

Dispatcher: What color shirt does he have on?

Caller: Er, he doesn't have a shirt on.

Dispatcher: What color pants?

Caller: Brown.

Dispatcher: Can you see him, what is he doing now?

Caller: Er, he is kind of walking around and taking his pants off.

Sources: Daily Mail, Orlando Sentinel


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