Man Injures Himself Stopping Bank Robber, Bank Won't Cover His Injury Bill


Fullerton, California resident Herb Pearce stopped a bank robbery at a Chase Bank yesterday.

According to Pearce, the would-be robber tried to convince staff and customers at the bank that he was armed.

“(He said), ‘This is a robbery! This is a stick-up! I want all your money right now!’” said Pearce. “I’m looking at this guy, thinking, ‘Is this guy for real!?

Pearce said the robber, 29-year-old Jacob Williams, had his hand in a plastic bag during the attempted holdup, claiming there was a gun in the bag. Pearce called Williams’ bluff and decided to try and stop him.

“Pow! I clocked him. He went back a little bit, he came at me again, I hit him again,” he said.

Pearce took Williams to the ground. Police arrived at the bank and Williams was arrested immediately. He was not armed.

Pearce broke his hand during the intervention. His insurance will not cover the injuries, so he asked Chase Bank to repay his favor by paying his bill. According to Peace, the bank denied his request. A spokesman from the bank, however, said Chase will look into it.

Fullerton police don’t recommend intervening in a bank robbery as Pearce did, but they did admit that Pearce stopped the robbery from happening.

“I have a feeling he would have completed a robbery, so in that effect, Mr. Pearce is a hero in that he stopped a crime,” said Sgt. Jeff Stuart.

Pearce, meanwhile, says he works for too hard for his money to sit back and watch someone rob a bank.

“I’ll be darned if some junkie is gonna come off the street and take my (money). I put too many hours to get that…paycheck. So I’m not gonna let him take my money,” he said. 

Sources: CBS-2, Daily Mail


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