Man Indicted By Grand Jury For Infant's Murder


A Texas man has been indicted on capital murder charges after he killed his wife’s infant baby.

According to reports, Brian Christopher Keith was released from prison just nine days prior to the murder. While he was serving jail time for an arson conviction, his wife became pregnant with another man’s baby, so when he arrived home to his wife and her four-week-old daughter, he already had some resentment built up towards the baby.

On the morning of July 2, Keith claims he got up early to go to work and heard Nevaeh crying. He admits to patting the baby on the head or “maybe” striking her before leaving for work.

Later on that day, Keith’s wife Shanna discovered that Nevaeh was unresponsive. Now, a grand jury has indicted Keith on capitol murder charges after an autopsy ruled the infant’s death a homicide.

"Well it was critical because that told the entire story,” said Liberty County Sheriff's Office Capt. Ken DeFoor of the autopsy results. “The pathologist called it a homicide compression death, and basically what that is, is an interruption of the respiratory system by placing pressure.”

Keith is currently back in jail on other, unrelated charges, but will soon be facing a judge for the baby’s murder.


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