Man Holding 'Death To America' Sign Is Beaten (Video)


Charles Brownett was attacked by a man and woman while holding a "Death to America" sign near a McDonalds in Middleburg, Florida, on March 29 (video below).

The Clay County Sheriff's Office report said the flip side of the sign stated, "Because of Obama's policies," notes WJAX.

The police report noted the incident began when a woman in a passing car yelled, "Why don't you leave America?," and Brownett replied, "Give me some money."

A male driver parked the car at the nearby McDonald's, and later told Brownett, "Actually, I like that sign, give it to me," according to witnesses.

The male driver and the Brownett struggled over the sign, and the male driver tackled Brownett. According to the report, an unidentified person tried to break up the fight, but the female walked over and kicked Brownett several times.

The male driver reportedly punched Brownett's face.

Deputies found that Brownett was "exercising his right to free speech," as he was on a public sidewalk and not blocking traffic.

Even though Brownett was lawfully exercising his First Amendment rights, some people told the WJAX that Brownett got what he deserved for being offensive.

“No, what’s offensive is President [Barack] Obama signing executive orders allowing Syrian refugees who may or may not be actually Jihadi terrorists,” Brownett told WJAX.

“I don’t deserve to be beat up," Brownett added. "You can scream at me and curse me out, but please don’t hit me."

“This isn’t a premeditated thing," the male driver told the news station. "This was just, I saw something that upset me so much, I couldn’t think straight anymore."

When I go and try to grab the sign from him, he said, ‘Hey man, that’s my sign.’ I said ‘I just like the sign,” the driver added. “He snatched it back, I tried to get the sign back from him and he started swinging on me right away man.”

“Somebody started beating me, hitting me in the head and pulling my arms back,” Brownett countered. “It was just two people, a man and a girl who kicked me in the head.”

“At that point, yes, I did strike the man, but can you blame me?” the male driver said.

Deputies have identified the couple, but no charges have been filed yet, notes WOKV.


Sources: WJAX, WOKV / Photo Credit: Action News Jax via SanVic/YouTube

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