Watch: Group Of Teens Swarm Gas Station Parking Lot, Attack Man Holding Baby (Video)

A surveillance video released Monday shows a man holding a baby being brutally attacked by a group of high school students at a gas station just outside of Memphis, Tennessee.

Orrden Williams, Jr. told WREG he and the baby were outside in the parking lot of a BP gas station when he noticed the teens, reportedly from Northwest Prep Academy, flashing gang signs. He says he offered to walk an elderly woman to her car because she didn't feel safe and that, while he was doing so, one of the teens "sucker punched" him before the group attempted to storm into the gas station, reports CBS News. 

Workers at BP reportedly held the door shut so the teens couldn't get in. During the ruckus, Williams says he ran to his car and was punched again by another teen -- this time close to the baby's head, reports KTLA. The baby was not injured, but Williams reportedly sustained bruises on the upper part of his body. He says he considered using a gun to protect his baby.

"It would have been a couple of 'mommas' whose child wouldn't have come home -- justifiably not coming home," Williams told WREG. 

Police say the teens damaged Williams' car. It isn't clear what provoked the attack.

Williams says he wants all of the young suspects involved in the assault cited and taken to juvenile court. 

Sources: KTLACBS News/Photo Credit: YouTube.com


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