Man Hits Airport Security Officer Who Denied His Carry-On Luggage


One of the more frustrating aspects of travel is being told that your carry-on luggage is too large to be stored in the overhead compartment after you’ve already made it to your gate and are expecting to board the aircraft.

For one Massachussets traveler, that scenario sent him into a fit of rage, causing him to strike the 74-year-old female security worker who denied him the ability to carry his luggage through a TSA checkpoint at Boston’s Logan Airport. The incident was captured on an airport surveillance camera, and it portrays a senseless beating over something travelers experience on a regular basis. 

According to the Smoking Gun, the attacker was 53-year-old Carlisle, Massachusetts, resident Eric Brandhorst. The surveillance video depicts Brandhorst walking away from the scene after striking the security officer and sending her to the ground. Brandhorst is then quickly tackled and apprehended by a Massachusetts State Trooper who witnessed the beating. 

Brandhorst was scheduled to fly to Denver, but he was taken into custody for battery of a victim over the age of 60 instead. According to MadWorldNews, Brandhorst told officers that he was “aggravated” and made a “mistake” during his altercation with the security officer. The security worker complained of “pain in her hip, knee and shoulder caused by her hitting the floor,” and she was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment following the incident.

Sources: Smoking GunMadWorldNews/ Photo Credit: Screenshot


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