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Man Hit By Driver After His Truck Breaks Down On Highway

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Law enforcement officials in Missouri are searching for a hit-and-run suspect who collided with a 35-year-old man in St. Charles County.

The body of Shawn Daugherty, 35, was discovered on Aug. 6 by a state trooper. According to Missouri Highway Patrol Sgt. Al Nothum, Shawn’s truck broke down when he was on his way home from watching a Cardinals baseball game with friends on Aug. 5. He began walking along westbound 370 when police believe a driver struck and killed him before 3 a.m.

“We’ve heard different stories, people said they thought it was a deer,” said Shawn's father, Jerry Daugherty. “How many deer wear blue jeans? The trooper who found my son made a comment to his mother that she hopes she never sees anything like that again. It’s a tragic loss, especially in the way he went out.”

The oldest of five and uncle of two nieces, Shawn grew up in Portage Des Sioux, Missouri. His father now hopes the one responsible for his son’s death will come forward and confess.

Nothum told reporters at Fox 2 that investigators are attempting to find the vehicle that killed Shawn.

“There are some other developments,” Nothum said. “We checked the logs and we did get a call of a crash there early yesterday morning between 2 and 3 o’clock.”

He continued saying, “We sent a trooper by who actually located the individual’s truck.”

Source: Fox 2, KSDK / Photo credit: Fox 2


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