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Man Gets Up, Walks To Bar After Getting Hit By Bus (Video)

Man Gets Up, Walks To Bar After Getting Hit By Bus (Video) Promo Image

If you got hit by a bus and managed to walk away from it, wouldn't you need a drink, too?

A startling video (below) taken the morning of June 24 in Reading, England, captured the moment a man was struck by a bus only to miraculously stand right up afterward.

In the video, a man identified by The Guardian as 53-year-old Simon Smith, is struck from behind by a bus as it careens onto the wrong side of the street. The impact sends Smith flying about 20 feet up the sidewalk before he hits the pavement and skids to a stop. He immediately stands back up, dusts himself off and heads right into the nearest bar.

No arrests have been made, notes The Guardian. Littered with debris from the crash, the street was closed for approximately two hours.

Somebody called an ambulance, though Smith reportedly had only some scratches and bruises from the incident.

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Reading Buses said it is conducting an internal investigation to get to the bottom of what happened.

Smith told BBC South Today he was lucky to be alive. What he ordered in the pub was not reported, although some social media users are speculating.

One commenter on the YouTube video joked that this conversation went down at the pub once the man walked in:

'Pint of Newcastle Brown, please.'
'Mate, you just got hit by a bus!'
'Yeah, you're right. Better make it two pints.'

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A reader on KABC's Facebook page speculated that "it was [five] minutes before the end of happy hour," and he needed his drink, while another said, "Not even a bus could stop him from cracking open a cold one with the boys."

"'Thanks for the ride, I was heading to this bar already,'" wrote another.

Another commenter was impressed by Smith's quick thinking and dedication to grabbing a pint, adding that British people "are way better at being alcoholics than [Americans] are."

"Over the years I've encountered and befriended those from the UK and I can tell you; man or woman, nothing stops these guys from getting their drink on," marveled another reader.

Others joked that if Smith plays his card right, he could end up rich enough to visit that bar every single day.

"Ohhh...I'm suing y'all!" one person wrote. "Ohh, I'm hurt...ohh my neck! My back! My neck and my back! Ohh...I want a hundred and fifty THOUSAND! But we can settle out of court right now, for twenty bucks."

Sources: The Guardian, BBC, KABC/Facebook / Photo credit: UK Railway and Road Transport/Flickr, Andrew/Flickr, Jongleur100/Wikimedia Commons

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