Man with History of Animal Cruelty and Bestiality Accused of Having Sex With Bird


In March 2013, a 42-year-old Indiana man who had previously been convicted of having sex with a chicken was again accused of having sex with another bird.

The Times of Munster reports that Michael Bessigano was arrested in his home in New Chicago on felony charges of bestiality and killing a domestic animal.

Bessigano, whose mother says he suffers from schizophrenia, allegedly went to a local park and entered a building where guinea fowls are housed.

Witnesses, who identified Bessigano to police, said that the man sexually assaulted one of the birds, killed it, and proceeded to attempt to hide the carcass in a trash barrel.

Authorities who executed a search warrant said they found bird feathers at the residence. Police said that Bessigano was wearing blue jeans covered in blood when they searched his home; an analysis by the Indiana State Police Laboratory determined that the blood belonged to an undetermined species of animal.

He also allegedly had a rubber wolf mask and an altar of candles set up at his residence.

According to police, DNA testing showed that the feathers at Bessigano’s home matched the bird found dead in the Buckley Homestead trash barrel.

Bessigano has a long history of animal cruelty and bestiality.  He served two years after being convicted of having sex with and killing a Rottweiler in 1992.

In 2002, he was sentenced to four years in prison after having sex with and killing a chicken; police said Bessigano took the chicken to a hotel room and plucked its feathers before sexually abusing the animal, and then killing it. After the 2002 incident, a law was passed that made sexual relations with animals a crime.

The Chicagoist reports that while he was in jail, Bessigano would reportedly paint stripes on himself and refer to himself as the “master of cats.”

Sources: The Huffington Post, NWI Times

Photo Sources: The Huffington Post, NWI Times


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