Vietnamese Man Hasn't Cut His Nails In 35 Years (Photos)


A Vietnamese man has been growing his fingernails for more than three decades and has no intention of stopping.

Luu Cong Huyen, 58, has not clipped his fingernails in more than 35 years and takes extreme caution in avoiding activities that might risk him breaking one.

Huyen says the idea of growing out his nails started as a hobby that he never gave up on.

"Others like raising birds, planting trees or collecting old vehicles ... I just like growing long nails," Huyen told Oddity Central. "Raising nails is more difficult than parenting. I must be very careful in every move to keep my nails."

Huyen has spent years carefully avoiding any damage to his nails, which are about 21 inches, or 55 centimeters, long. Due to their length, his nails are fragile, especially when wet, which is why he avoids getting them wet whenever possible and rarely bathes. When it rains, Huyen covers his hands with plastic bags to protect them from the water.

Huyen's wife, Nguyen Thi Thuan, has to help him with tasks that could prove risky for his fingernails. She has had to bathe her husband and feed him with a spoon on occasion, according to the Daily Mail.

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The 58-year-old says putting on a shirt or a coat is the biggest challenge he faces on a daily basis, as his nails could easily get caught in the fabric. 

Huyen is a builder and an accomplished painter, though holding a paintbrush can sometimes prove difficult. 

He says his nails are his most prized possession, a claim he proved when he opted to sleep in a separate bed from his wife, as not to risk her accidentally crushing his nails in her sleep. 

On one occasion, Huyen accidentally broke a nail. He said he was devastated and didn't eat or sleep for days, but eventually got over it when he learned that he needed to be much more careful if he wanted to continue growing his nails. 

Huyen says he would rather die than live without his nails. 

"Once I almost died of an accident just because of keeping my fingernails," he told Vietnamnet, according to Oddity Central. "Someone told me if I cut my nails, they would give me a lot of money but I refused. I will not exchange my nails for money, even a lot of money."

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Despite being recognized locally, some are turned off by Huyen's long nails, calling him names such as "mutant" and "devil nails."

A man named Shridhar Chillal, from India, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest fingernails in the world, with nails measuring between 65 and 80 inches, making a cumulative length of 358 inches, the Daily Mail reports.

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Sources: Daily MailOddity Central / Photo Credit: Nguyen Duc via Daily Mail

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