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Florida Man Helps Homeless Woman Learn To Read

A Florida man has been helping a homeless woman learn to read.

Greg Smith, 25, passed Amy Joe on his way to work every day for about a week. She never asked him for money, but did always say, “Good morning Sir, have a great day. God Bless!!” Smith wrote on the GoFundMe page he created to raise funds for a foundation that will help others like Joe.

The two eventually became friends.

“Every Tuesday Amy Joe and I now have Lunch together,” Smith wrote. “For 30 min to an hour I get to hear how positive she is even though she really has nothing.”

Joe does not smoke, drink, or do drugs, according to Smith, but she did confide in him something that caused him to take action: she cannot read well.

“She simply just has never had anyone teach her to read well,” Smith wrote. “She began to tell me any money that she can collect she uses to rent books that help with learning to read instead of buying FOOD.

“This crushed me!!! She would rather learn to read to maybe find a job [than] eat!!!”

Their lunch dates now include more than food and conversation because Smith is helping Joe to learn to read better.

“I bring one book a week and we read it together Tuesday and she practices on her own throughout the rest of the week,” Smith wrote.

This new arrangement has made Joe ecstatic.

“She lit up! I could see in her face that she felt amazing,” Smith told ABC News.

Smith started the “Amy Joe Foundation” GoFundMe page to inspire others to help someone in need.

“I have been fortunate enough in my finances that I can take care of Amy Joe, so that's what I'm going to do,” Smith wrote. “If this is something that hit home with you, please donate to help the Amy Joe Foundation...if not, that's okay too. But you never know what you can do for someone until you try. 

“Who is your Amy Joe?!?!?”

To date, $4,982 has been raised by 165 people in 4 days. Smith’s goal for the fund is $10,000. The donations will go toward food, clothing, a library card, and more, to help those in need in the Orlando area.

“I want to be able to help anybody, whether it be giving them some food or clothes,” Smith told ABC News about the soon-to-be official foundation. “I don’t want to just narrow it down to helping people read because there’s so many other people that need more help.”

Sources: GoFundMe, ABC News / Photo credit: Greg Smith/GoFundMe

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