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Man Harasses Woman Over Her Tight Pants For Going Against His Religious Beliefs, Pays The Price

A Muslim bodyguard was given a dose of karma after he called a woman a prostitute and threatened to "blow her up" over her outfit. 

Krissoni Henderson shamed Noor Alneaimi while she was listening to a Christian preacher in Birmingham, England, calling her “Satan” and a “slut” and ordering her to take off her tight skinny jeans. Alneaimi said the incident brought her to tears after it attracted a large crowd of people who joined in the shaming.

“How much do you charge for the night?” one man reportedly asked her. 

Henderson was ultimately arrested at his home and charged with causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress and using racially aggravated words. His trial began in early September.

“It's the Crown's case that at the hands of Mr. Henderson this woman was the victim of religious and offensive words, including calling her a kafir -- a derogatory term for a non-believer,” prosecutor Simon Brownsey told the court, the Daily Mail reported.

“[He also said] he would follow her home and blow her up. At the time he wasn't known to her and she has expressed concerns about seeing him again because of the threat. She was listening to a Christian preacher on New Street and the defendant was also present. He targeted Noor Alneaimi by observing she was wearing tight jeans and told her to take them off.”

Alneaimi appeared in court to share her traumatizing ordeal.

“I'm a Muslim and I have respect for all religions. All of a sudden I could hear the defendant shout abusive language to passers-by,” she said. “He started calling females on the street prostitutes, predominantly white women, calling them sluts. One woman started crying and ran off.”

Alneaimi said that she asked Henderson during the confrontation why he would say such terrible things to her, but his tirade continued.

The trial is currently underway for Henderson, who also reportedly shouted pro-ISIS comments at the woman during the confrontation.

The story quickly went viral, with many calling Henderson’s arrest and subsequent trial karma for his actions.

“He's a hypocrite. He's a POS. He's nothing,” one reader commented on Mad World News’ Facebook page.

Other readers maintained that the incident was terrorism but was not a reflection of Islam as a whole.

This is called a terrorist threat! He should be arrested! [We must] make sure we focus on the enemy! It's not religion! It's those people that use & pervert religion to serve their political or personal goals. Freedom from religious persecution is a fundamental value of this country. Promoting hatred against a religious group instead of the animals that perpetrate these crimes is Un-American.

Sources: Mad World News/FacebookDaily Mail / Photo credit: Birmingham Mail

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