Man Harasses Immigrant Neighbors with Pornographic Pictures (Video)


A man is reportedly placing pornographic images in his home window to taunt an immigrant family that lives next door in the Queens Village area of New York City.

The images are so offensive that the family from India has put up a sheet so that their 4-year-old son won't view the pictures.

"My son! He's four! My nephews are 7 and 9 and they come over and they see this. This is ridiculous it has to stop," Sanjeev Aggurawal told WABC (video below).

"He's upset because some Indian guy moved in next door," added Aggurawal.

The neighbor posting the images is simply known as "Jimmy," who told WABC, "That's my artwork."

When asked why he posts the pornographic pictures in his window, Jimmy told a WABC reporter, "Get off my porch."

People in the neighborhood have called the police. Jimmy reportedly takes down the pictures, but puts them back up later, notes The Gothamist.

Sources: The Gothamist, WABC


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