Man Handcuffed While Filming Police Removing Homeless From Beach (Video)


Daniel Saulmon often films the Los Angeles Police Department arresting people in the city, but was recently handcuffed himself.

Saulmon and a friend were in Venice Beach filming police as they removed homeless people and tossed their possessions into a garbage bin when an officer approached the two men at 1:45 a.m. (video below).

The officer told the men that they would have to leave the beach because it is closed from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m., notes

Saulmon and his friend agree to leave the beach, but the police officer then stopped them and asked for Saulmon’s identification.

Saulmon told the officer that he did not have any I.D. on him and didn't want to give his name.

The cop then handcuffed Saulmon, but didn't say why.

Another police officer walked up and told Saulmon's friend to leave the beach.

Saulmon wrote on his YouTube page, "As you can hear, I was completely cooperative, and tried to comply with their stupidity. However, I had every right to be there to record what was going on. Freedom on the press was violated with handcuffs and false charges.The LAPD does not have the right to block media access to the beach while they are harassing homeless people and throwing away their property."

Saulmon later added that he was not charged with a crime and was released by the LAPD.

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