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Man Dies In Shooting After Argument Over Trump

A man was fatally wounded in a shooting at an Atlanta bar Nov. 12, and the woman he was with suffered injuries.

Mitchell Mormon Jr., 32, was shot twice, while Shaunita Walker was hit once in the arm, WSB reported.

Walker, who was on a first date with Mormon, spoke about the build-up to the shooting. As she went inside the bar to get her phone, a Hispanic man made a disrespectful comment to her.

“And Mitchell was like, ‘What did he say to you?’” Walker told WSB.

She said that Mormon jokingly told the man that he had voted for Trump and that the man would be gone by next week.

The argument continued. Then the man disappeared around the corner and returned with a weapon.

“And when I heard the first shot and it went into my arm, and I just grabbed my arm and I just began to scream,” Walker added.

She commented to WSB that she did not think the comment about Trump caused the shooting because the man was intent on causing trouble, anyway.

“And then I heard two more shots and I saw Mitchell on the ground,” Walker said.

“And I’m just screaming, ‘Somebody please help us. Somebody please help him,’” she added.

Walker tried to comfort Mormon until medical assistance arrived.

“I’m just telling him to breathe. It’s going to be OK. Just breathe,” she said.

Walker hopes the shooter will be detained.

“Please, if anybody knows anything, please, this was so senseless, this was so horrible,” she told WSB.

Police said the area where the incident occurred has a lot of surveillance cameras and they have already identified two people they wish to speak with.

Mormon was a father of three, WSB reported. He had been celebrating getting a new job.

“I can’t believe my baby’s gone,” Gloria Mormon, Mitchell’s mother, told WSB. “My son did not deserve to die, he was a loving person, full of life.”

Sources: WSB (2) / Photo credit: Facebook via New York Post

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