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Grandpa On 'Wheel Of Fortune' Misses Out On $1M Prize

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A grandpa elicited mass support online after his wrong guess on the Nov. 16 episode "Wheel Of Fortune" caused him to miss out on a $1 million prize.

Frank, assisted by granddaughter Laurel, looked like he was close to winning when he chose the Food and Drink category in the ABC game show, reports the Daily Mail.

While Frank correctly guessed the second word "zucchini," his granddaughter suggested the first word was "fried," The correct answer was "baked zucchini."

As a result, host Pat Sajak had to tell Frank he not only guessed wrong, but that he had missed out on winning the rare $1 million prize. Instead, Frank left the show with $26,000.

Social media users quickly responded in outrage and sympathy.

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Many demanded the show give Frank the prize because baked zucchini is not a recognized dish in the way that fried zucchini is.

"No one bakes zucchini!" tweeted one person. "Give them the million!"

"It was fixed so he couldn't win...who eats baked zucchini??" wrote one in the Daily Mail's comments section.

"They tricked an old man?" commented a third. "Fried and baked are 5 letter words. Shame on that dumb show"

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Another wondered, "Why am I crying at wheel of fortune."

A Twitter user called it the "worst Wheel of Fortune moment ever."

Only a handful of contestants have won the show's $1 million prize since it was added to the wheel in 2008, reports WJLA.

Michelle Loewenstein was the first to win the jackpot in 2008 just after returning from her honeymoon, according to the New York Post.

"Of course, I screamed and ran away," she said. "[My husband] hugged Pat. I think I ran over to Vanna [White], but I don’t even remember."

"I’ve had some really good luck,” Loewenstein added at the time. "I got engaged on 7/7/07 and the show was filmed on 8/8/08. I can’t wait until 9/9/09."

Since then, two others have also won the $1 million prize.

Autumn Erhard won the grand prize in 2013.

Sarah Manchester, a math teacher from Silver Spring, Maryland, won in 2014.

"I saw it right away, so I called the letters and was able to solve pretty easily,” said Manchester of solving the puzzle for "Loud Laughter" when she won the bonus round.

"This is a once in a lifetime event," the contestant, who also won a trip to the Dominican Republic, added. "I’m just soaking in every minute of it!"

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