Man Pays Speeding Ticket In Pennies (Video)


A Texas man upset about getting a ticket for driving nine mph above the speed limit took an interesting approach to paying the ticket as an act of protest. 

When Brett Sanders was pulled over for driving 39 mph in a 30 mph zone, he fought the ticket in court and lost. He was slapped with a fine of $212. 

Sanders was not happy about the way things had gone and decided that he wanted to protest the fine in his own way -- he paid the fine in pennies.

"For me, it's a protest," Sanders told KXAS. "It's what's right versus wrong. I didn't hurt anybody. I didn't endanger anybody's life."

"When my fine came due I decided I might as well pay with pennies and make a big spectacle of it," he added.

Sanders uploaded a video to YouTube showing himself uncasing thousands of pennies and putting them into buckets, on which he spray painted the words "Extortion Money." He then put the buckets in his truck and drove to the municipal court.

At the courthouse, Sanders asks the clerk if they would accept exact change. She confirms, so he tells her he has to get the money from his truck. When he returns to the clerk's desk, he tells her, "You're in luck, I found exact change," and starts to dump out the thousands of pennies onto the desk.

After the buckets are emptied, he says, "Just mail me the receipt!"

A week after being uploaded, Sanders' video has been viewed more than 320,000 times on YouTube. 

Sources: KXASDaily MailYouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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