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Man Goes On Racist Rant Over Parking Spot (Video)

A video (below) of an unidentified man going on a racist rant over a parking spot in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, has gone viral.

In the video, the man refers to the person filming as, "You f------ Paki, go back to f----- India," notes Global News.

If the person filming was Pakistani, they would actually return to Pakistan, not India.

"You f------ Hindu!" the man states while walking back to a pickup truck. "All you Hindus are camel-riding-motherf-----! You camel-rider motherf----, go back to India! White power motherf-----!"

Moments later, the man gets out of the vehicle, carrying what looks like a cell phone.

"I'll film you too, how do you like that you f----- Hindu!" the man shouts. "Are you a Hindu, when did you come to Canada?"

"I was born in Canada," the cameraman replies.

"When did you learn not to f----- mind your own business, you f------ Hindu?" the man rants.

The two briefly discuss the parking issue.

You f------ s---skin!" the man yells.

The man gets up in cameraman's face and shouts, "Huh? How do you like it? Huh? I'm not threatening you! Don't feel threatened! You're taking a picture of me! Have a nice day, sir!"

The man gets back in the pickup truck, and yells, "You f------- s---shinned Hindu!"

"Did you ever wear a turban?" the man hollers. "You should. I think your wife would like you better."

The pickup truck leaves the parking lot.

Abbotsford Police spokesperson Cst. Judy Bird told Global News that the man in the video did receive a citation for parking in a reserved spot on Oct. 21.

According to a police investigation, the person filming the man was of South Asian descent.

There was no initial police complaint made, but Bird said the cops started investigating the incident after receiving the video on Oct. 23.

Bird told CBC News:

It actually originated with a traffic enforcement officer writing a violation ticket for the person in the truck. A passerby was concerned about the comments and altercation between the people in the truck and the traffic violation enforcement person.

These types of comments and this retaliation to our community is very concerning to us. It's disturbing, not something that we want to see in any community in Abbotsford or British Columbia or Canada for that matter.

So it's a bit shocking when we see that on the streets. If people witness these types of event, it's important to get a hold of us right away.


Sources: Global NewsCBC News / Photo credit: Greg Spinney/​YouTube

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