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Dog Saves Man From Committing Suicide

A suicidal man claims he would not be alive if it wasn't for his pet dog.

Byron Taylor, a 23-year-old resident of England, had decided to hang himself, reports The Daily Mirror.

The young man had gone into a deep depression following a breakup. Then, after a day of heavy drinking, he got a rope and wrote a goodbye note to his family.

That’s when his dog, Geo, intervened, explains the website Little Things. The 6-year-old Rare Welsh Bullmastiff grabbed the noose and refused to let go, growling when Byron tried to take it away from him.

Geo was usually very passive, leading Byron to conclude that the dog sensed his suicidal intentions, and deliberately tried to prevent it.

As Bryon tells it, “At first, I thought he wanted to play. I said 'give it here,’ and he started growling at me. He chewed up the noose. He never growls, but each time I tried to take it off him, he would snarl. I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for him. ... In a way, I think Geo knew what I was going to do. They have a sixth sense about this kind of thing. He knew something was up."

Thanks to Geo, Byron had second thoughts about ending his life, and went on to successfully recover from his bout with the blues. However, he now has a new crisis to face after Geo was diagnosed with cancer and given only a short time to live.

"Vets found a really aggressive tumor on his head and it is spreading to his muscles and his bones,” Byron explains. “The vet is happy for him to carry on as long as he is happy and playing, but it's only going to be a matter of weeks. [We are] going day by day. It's a daily battle with the decision to put him down."

In the meantime, Byron is taking positive action by raising money to pay for Geo’s treatments, and doing a fundraising walk for an animal sanctuary in Gloucester.

Sources: Little Things, The Daily Mirror / Photo credit: Byron Taylor/Facebook via Little Things

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