Man Arrested After Woman Allegedly Attacks Him With Metal Pipe (Video)

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A Pennsylvania man says the system failed him after he was arrested when an ex-girlfriend assaulted him with a metal pipe in front of their young daughter.

Justin Lindsey, 24, has been held at Beaver County Jail for almost a week on charges of simple assault and harassment.

He says his ex was not charged.

His family says the woman showed up on his doorstep and he recorded footage of her making threats against him.

Lindsey was reportedly standing on his porch when his ex confronted him.

“The mother drove up, seen the other woman and she just snapped out,” his mother Twilia Lindsey told KDKA-TV.

He recorded footage of his ex coming after him with a long metal pipe. She allegedly struck him and knocked the phone out of his hand, KDKA reported.

The woman went to authorities and said he assaulted her.

“She called a 24-hour magistrate on Friday,” Twilia Lindsey said, “and he went on and gave her PFA and told Aliquippa police to pick my son up.”

Lindsey turned himself into police, but they refused to look at the video on his phone.

“Me and his dad went with him to turn himself in to the police. They refused to look at the video, refused to hear his side,” Twila said.

Sources: KDKA (2)

Image screenshot: KDKA


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