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Man Goes To Extreme Lengths To Keep Child Molester Out Of Neighborhood

Russell Speigle, 50, was so worried about a sex offender Harold Nyberg, 40, moving into his neighborhood, Speigle set Nyberg’s would-be house on fire.

The Smoking Gun reported Speigle was arrested on Feb. 23 with fresh burns on his face. According to the Dane County Sheriff’s Office, Speigle was taken to a hospital and treated overnight before being booked into a county jail.

This is the second time Nyberg’s would-be home in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, was set ablaze, but this time the house was destroyed. Police are investigating if Speigle was involved in the first fire.

Nyberg was convicted of sexually assaulting a child in 1994 and he’s classified as a “sexually violent person.” He was going to be placed in the Cottage Grove home as part of a supervised sex offender release program, but he currently lives in a “supervised living facility” in Mauston.

Nyberg was going to live a block away from Speigle.

Many Cottage Grove residents were upset about Nyberg’s move. Prior to his arrest, Speigle told a local newspaper that he was “upset and on guard” about his soon-to-be neighbor.

Source: The Smoking Gun Image via Kpahor/Wikimedia Commons


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