Father Gives Daughter Gun And Tells Her To Kill Herself

Father Gives Daughter Gun And Tells Her To Kill Herself Promo Image

An Arizona man is in jail after he allegedly handed his teenage daughter a gun and told her to kill herself. 

Ulys Laffette Bell IV, 38, was arrested on Dec. 4 and charged with felony disorderly conduct with a weapon, felony child abuse and misdemeanor endangerment, according to KSNV. 

The Mohave County Sheriff's Office said Bell admitted to giving his 14-year-old daughter the gun on Dec. 3, but claimed it wasn't loaded. Bell's daughter reported the incident to school officials the next day, prompting a call to police.

A spokeswoman for the sheriff's office said officials cannot confirm the gun was unloaded at the time, according to Fox News.

Bell told detectives he has disciplinary issues with his daughter. 

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Bell's actions come as Arizona is dealing with a wave of teen suicides.

Teen suicides are up 80 percent across the state, according to KNXV. Tempe, a city near Phoenix, has seen 12 teenagers commit suicide since the start of the 2017 to 2018 school year. 

One woman who survived a suicide attempt as a teenager told KNXV she never sought help before she tried to kill herself. 

"I felt like I was alone, I thought I was alone, but looking back I wasn't alone," Natalia Chimbo-Andrade said. "I didn't want to tell them want I was going through or what I was thinking. I was afraid they were going to label me as crazy or weird." 

Joseph Dodds, who runs a program aimed at preventing teen suicide, says about 30 to 60 high schoolers attend his program each week. Many students come to the program from Corona del Sol High School across the street, which dealt with the suicide of a student in early November.

The suicide is the third to impact the Corona del Sol community in as many years, according to the East Valley Tribune.

"Fifty to 75 percent said at one point they have had suicidal thoughts," Dodds told KNXV. Dodds suggested that parents talk to their children about suicide and give them emotional support. 

"Don't be afraid to give it a name or talk about it," he said. "Most of all they said to tell your teens and preteens you love them, they matter and don't assume they know it." 

"It's not all the things they accomplish, they can fail and they still matter," he continued. 

After the November suicide at Corona del Sol, community members held a "Kids Matter" rally, aimed at sending supportive messages to students at the high school. 

"It just deeply hurts my heart," Jodi Brocki told the Tribune. "I am deeply concerned about these kids and I am truly concerned for my three boys." 

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