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Surgeon Removes Wrench From Man's Throat (Video)

A video (below) shows several doctors huddled around a patient while a single surgeon works a long metal tubular object into the patient's mouth to remove a wrench from his throat.

Clearly, the situation isn't life-threatening since the mood seems jovial, and several onlookers have smiles on their faces.

The surgeon switches tools, using what looks like a miniature scythe and a pair of pliers. His brow wrinkles with concentration as he carefully guides the instruments into the patient's mouth and into his throat. This can't be dentistry, can it?

The camera zooms in on the surgeon's steady hands, and the room goes silent for a moment, just before the triumphant surgeon pulls a foot-long, rusty wrench from the patient's mouth. The men in the room burst into laughter, and the surgeon holds the improbably huge wrench up close so the cameraman can get a clear shot.

The clip comes by way of India, according to the Daily Mail, and was apparently filmed several years ago. But a copy was posted to the website LiveLeak in late June, going viral and accumulating thousands of views in the process. It's not clear how or why the man swallowed the wrench, but that didn't stop commenters on YouTube, where the video was mirrored, from having fun with the situation.

"The guy needed his daily 'iron supplement,'" one user joked.

"[He] must be in gut wrenching pain," another user posted, via LiveLeak.

Sources: Daily Mail, HerrDoktorMugg/YouTube / Photo credit: HerrDoktorMugg/YouTube

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