Man Gets Two Shocking Obituaries In Same Paper (Photos)

Man Gets Two Shocking Obituaries In Same Paper (Photos) Promo Image

After Leroy "Blast" Bill Black died at the age of 55, he received two obituaries in his local paper -- one from his wife and one from his longtime girlfriend.

Black passed away at his New Jersey home, after a battle with lung cancer that stemmed from fiberglass exposure, according to The PhillyVoice. He was a longtime obituary reader of The Press of Atlantic City and, shortly after his death, two obituaries in his honor appeared in the paper.

The first was from his wife, who wrote that he is survived by his "loving wife, Bearetta Harrison Black." The second makes no mention of his wife, instead saying that Black is survived by "his long-t[i]me girlfriend, Princess Hall."

The wife's obituary also only notes that he is survived by his son Jazz Black and "was also a father to Malcolm and Josiah Harrison Fitzpatrick."

While Jazz is named in the girlfriend's obituary, Malcolm and Josiah are not. The girlfriend also adds that Black was survived by his siblings as well as a "host of other family, friends and neighbors."

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Despite these small discrepancies, the two obituaries are nearly identical. 

A worker from Greenidge Funeral Homes said the two separate obituaries were necessary because "the wife wanted it one way, and the girlfriend wanted it another way."

The worker said that he did not anticipate any problems at the funeral because those close to Black were aware of the dueling obituaries.

Director of the funeral home Joseph Greenidge Jr. said that it isn't necessarily uncommon for there to be multiple obituaries for one person, all from a different perspective, according to NBC News. 

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Although wife and girlfriend had equal say when it came to the obituaries, Black's wife called the shots for the details of the funeral service.

"We follow the state law, which is that there is one point of contact," said Greenidge. "And in this case, as in any case, it would be the spouse, and so we followed the direction of the spouse."

A staff member at Greenidge said that a mourner called the home following the release of the obituaries "asking if there's going to be a problem between the wife and the girlfriend" at the funeral.

Neither woman could be reached for comment on the story.

For Black's obituary on the Greenidge Funeral Homes website, People reports that it only makes mention of his "loving wife, Bearetta."

Sources: PhillyVoice, NBC News, People / Featured Image: Jon S/Flickr / Embedded Images: Greenidge Funeral Home via NBC News, Rebecca Forand/Twitter via PhillyVoice

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