Some Simple Tips To Keep Ants Away (Video)


It's about that time of year when ant infestations are all too common. Thankfully, one internet user has some great suggestions that will keep the insects out of your home and away from your picnic table (video below).

Before you enjoy an outdoor meal at your picnic table, according to Your Nation News, you're going to need some pie tins. The pie tins are placed under each leg of the table and filled with water. By doing this, you'll block any ants or other insects from making their way up the legs of the table and into your food.

Other methods shown in the video include pouring a pot of boiling water and cayenne pepper onto an ant colony, or spraying vinegar from a spray bottle. Simpler methods, such as rinsing soda cans before throwing them in the trash, will keep ants away by removing small amounts of sugar that they may come searching for.

Watch the video below by YouTube user HouseholdHacker for some great suggestions on how to keep out any unwanted guests this summer.

Sources: Household Hacker/YouTubeYour Nation News / Photo credit: Your Nation News

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