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'The Guy Is A Complete Psycho': Man Convicted Of Lacing Roommate's Drink With Deadly Dose Of Morphine

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A man in England was arrested after spiking his roommate’s drink with morphine in an act of revenge for stealing his milk.

Jamie Price, 31, said he came home devastated one evening last May after finding out that his aunt had died of lung cancer. 

“We were really close and although I’d seen it coming I was distraught,” he told the Daily Star Sunday.

Upon hearing the news, one of Price’s five roommates, 35-year-old Marcus Taylor, offered him a bottle of Jägermeister to help cheer him up, the Mirror reported.

Shortly after drinking the booze, Price began to feel ill. Soon, he was vomiting violently and in tremendous pain.

“I was freaked out but just thought I’d caught a nasty bug,” he said.

Over the course of a few days, Price began to feel worse and worse.

“I’d never felt so ill. I’d stand to get out of bed and fall back down again,” he recounted.

After days of suffering, Taylor reportedly confronted Piper and informed of why he was feeling so sick.

“You were one shot away from a deadly coma,” Taylor allegedly said, revealing that he’d spiked Price’s drink with morphine as revenge for Price using his milk and taking his food from their fridge. 

“This evil smile spread over his face and he began to cackle,” Price said. “At first I thought he was joking but when I realised [sic] he wasn't a shiver went down my spine. He stood there laughing.

"My four other housemates looked on in shock," Price continued. "I'd lived with this man for two months and thought he was a decent lad, I had no idea he was capable of murder. I hadn’t even had a splash of his milk let alone his food and it’s hardly a reason to kill someone. The guy is a psycho.”

Price immediately went to the police, who arrested Taylor the following day. The amount of morphine he ingested, according to his doctor, should have been lethal had he not flushed the toxins out of his system by drinking a large amount of water. 

“This is a serious offence [sic] where it was only by luck that the victim did not suffer significant harm,” police Sgt. Michael Anderson said. “Taylor doctored the Jägermeister with morphine out of spite and malice towards the victim and allowed him to consume it without any warning of its true contents."

Taylor was found guilty last month of one count of maliciously administering poison with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy. He was sentenced to 18 months behind bars.

Price told the Daily Star Sunday that the incident traumatized him.

“That man has ruined my life. I was due to start a job, had a girlfriend and was feeling good about stuff,” he said. “Now I'm living in a different place, split with girlfriend, have anxiety and haven't been able to get a job. I'll make sure I pick better housemates in future."

Sources: Daily Mirror, Daily Star

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