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Man Gets Kicked In Face After Trying To Rob Street Performer (Video)

A would-be robber paid a high price for trying to steal a street performer's box of money (video below).

In the video, the human statue performer, covered in gold from head to toe, stands still on a platform in Times Square in New York City. As people pass by, one man wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket walks up to the man's money box, bends over, and reaches inside.

Instead of placing money into the tip box, he appears to grab a handful of bills. Seconds later, as the man comes back up, the human statue suddenly springs to life and kicks the mischievous man hard in the face, causing him to stagger backwards and fall onto the ground.

The performer jumps off his podium and exchanges harsh words with the man lying on the ground. The two then part ways.

It is unclear whether the man was injured, although he was able to stand up and walk away from the incident.

It is also unknown whether or not any involved parties reported the incident to police.

Jason King originally uploaded the video, captioned "SO THIS HAPPENED OUTSIDE #macdonaldstimesquare" to Instagram on Oct. 31.

This is not the first time that a street performer has fought back against a crowd member.

In 2013, an Australian human statue performer dressed as a silver cowboy punched a man who would not leave him alone, according to In the middle of his act, a heckler approached the human statue and began to poke and prod him. The man poked the performer's face, lifted his hat off his head, and even licked his finger and put it in the human statue's ear, despite a bystander cautioning the troublemaker to leave the performer alone.

Throughout the incident, the silver man remained still until the joker put a hand over his face and rubbed it, at which point the performer lashed out and punched the man square in the face. The man staggered away, and the performer immediately resumed acting like a statue.

Sources: YouTube, Instagram, / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube


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