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Man Gets Into Fight With Teens Over His Confederate Flag (Video)

David Chohany got into an altercation on Aug. 10 with some teens in Columbia, Pennsylvania, because of a Confederate flag that he flies from his pickup truck (video below).

Chohany claims he and his girlfriend’s daughter were at a drugstore when his truck was surrounded.

“I don’t fly it because I hate people,” Chohany told Fox 43. “I fly it because I have the right to fly it, and I’m going to fly it to this day, and nobody can tell me to take it down.”

“They started hitting my truck, and fiddling with my lights and stuff,” Chohany said.

Witnesses claim Chohany yelled racial slurs at two teens from his truck, notes

Chohany said he drove his truck down the street, but had to stop because a large group of people were forming.

At one point in the video, a young man is seen running on the street with Chohany's Confederate flag.

The mother of the young man said that he tried to flush the flag down a toilet at a nearby laundromat, but ended up giving it to the police.

The mom claimed police told her that her son would be charged, but Chohany says he was the only person charged.

“They didn’t nothing, but I get charged with pulling my knife out, which don't make any sense to me,” Chohany told Fox 43. “I was defending myself, my family and my truck, and I got the short end of the stick.”

Sources: Fox 43, / Photo credit: Screenshot Fox 43


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