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Man Gets Custody Of Baby, Puts Him To Disturbing Use

The father of an infant was sentenced to 27 years behind bars in what the judge called one of “the saddest and worst” cases of child abuse he has seen in over 30 years. 

26-year-old Isaac Hernandez of Nampa, Idaho, is responsible for the cruel death of his three month old son, Sylys. 

Prosecutor Erica Kallin described the wounds Isaac inflicted on his baby in court.

Twenty-six fractures to the boy’s ribs. Both legs broken. A torn frenulum in his mouth – possibly from being punched in the face, according to the prosecution. The infant was underfed, dehydrated and had bruises on his face, wrists, hands and penis.

The coroner says the injuries were in various stages of healing, meaning the baby suffered from abuse over a period of time instead of all at once, according to Kallin.

"In those three short months, we're talking about a child who knew nothing but pain, suffering and hunger," Kallin said.

The infant’s mother was in prison for a methamphetamine conviction when he was born and Sylys was placed in his father’s care, according to Mad World News. 
Numerous witnesses told detectives that Isaac’s interactions with the child were disturbing. They said Sylys never smiled or laughed and spent most of his day strapped into a car seat. The infant always had a bruise or injury, which Isaac would excuse. 

One friend even saw Isaac punch the baby’s stomach and push his face into a blanket to silence his crying. Another said when she lifted the baby’s legs up to change his diaper, he started screaming. After learning that the infant’s legs were broken, the woman realized what had happened.   

Another relative found a hand-sized pool of blood in the baby's crib, according to KTVB. 

Authorities received an anonymous tip that Sylys had been abused in November 2014, but caseworkers ruled the report unsubstantiated without ever seeing the child. 
He died the next month.

"Society demands justice in this case," Kallin said. "We have a child who, because he's passed, cannot be protected in the future. But he is somebody who can have justice, and his death isn't meaningless."

Isaac wasn’t charged for his son’s murder until eight months after Sylys’ death. The coroner’s office could not determine whether the child died from manual suffocation or SIDS. His reason and means of death remain listed as “undetermined.”

The father blamed Sylys’ injuries on other people, but the judge did not believe his claims. 

"It does not appear that that child had even a day of joy in his life," he told Hernandez

Sources: Mad World NewsKTVB / Photo credit: Mad World News

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