Caught On Camera: Man Attacked By Alligator While He And His Friends Try To Move It (Video)

A Louisiana man who tried to move an alligator out of the road was attacked and wound up having to get 80 stitches.

“I’ve always been the kind of guy to learn the hard way,” said Glen Bonin.

Bonin says he and his friends were driving along a road near Sulphur, Louisiana when they spotted an alligator. They stopped and, together, tried to move the gator out of the middle of the roadway, but their plan didn’t go as well as they hoped.

"Took our shirts off, threw it on his face, and we were going to come from behind it and jump on it and in the process of doing that, it spun around and grabbed my hand seconds before we jumped on it," described Bonin of their attempt, which on friend caught on camera.

Suddenly, Bonin says, the alligator turned around and grabbed hold of his hand.

“It felt like someone was pulling my arm out,” said Bonin. “I thought I was about to lose something. It felt like it lasted forever. When it happened it was a split second, but it really wasn't. It felt like it lasted a long time.”

Bonin wound up being rushed to the hospital where he needed 80 stitches to repair his hand, and despite being badly injured, Bonin says he is “definitely fortunate” that he’s still in on piece.

“God was watching over me,” said Bonin.

Take a look at the gator attack in the clip below.


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