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Man Gets $287 Fine For Texting While Waiting For Coffee At Drive-Thru (Video)

A Canadian man said police went too far after they gave him a $287 ticket for texting while waiting for his coffee at a drive-thru (video below).

A.J. Daoust went for a coffee run at Tim Hortons on Nov. 26, CBC News reported. He was waiting for his coffee at the drive-thru when he responded to a text message he received. He then felt a tap on the window.

“I didn't really know what was going on,” Horton said in an interview with local radio the following morning, according to CBC.

“I thought maybe it was somebody getting donations for something, but it turns out it was a policeman," he added.

The officer pulled Daoust over in the parking lot and wrote him a $287 ticket for distracted driving.

“I asked him, ‘In a drive-thru, is this even possible?’” Daoust said.

It turns out it is possible.

The Alberta Highway Traffic Act restricts drivers from using a handheld cellphone while behind the wheel, according to CTV News. The legislation applies to drivers on public property and private property and leaves it up to the officer’s discretion to decide when a ticket should be issued.

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(Ticket that A.J. Daoust received for texting in the drive-thru. Photo Credit: CBC)

“There's the classic, that we see all the time, which is at a red light people will sometimes pull out their cell phones,” Jeff Kasbrick, vice president of government and stakeholder relations at Alberta Motor Association, told CTV News. “That's considered a distraction.”

Daoust’s ticket is due on Jan. 6, and while he acknowledged what he did, he said that he’s going to try and have the ticket fine reduced in court.

“It's stupid,” Daoust told CTV News. “It didn't have to happen, but I guess that’s how it goes.”

Sources: CBC News, CTV News / Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

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