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Pimp Gets 248 Years For Sex Trafficking

A Colorado man was sentenced on Nov. 23 to 248 years in prison for trafficking underage girls for sex.

In April, a jury convicted 33-year-old Paul Burman of 32 charges, including human trafficking for sexual servitude, pimping of a child and two counts of inducement of child prostitution, according to KDVR.

"To our knowledge, this is the largest human trafficking sentence in Colorado history," said Tyler Hill of the Weld County District Attorney’s Office.

Burman, who went by his pimp name "Haylo," reportedly pimped several women and girls, one of whom was 15-years-old.

"He forced me to do things that are unbelievable," one of his victims told the court during Burman's Nov. 23 sentencing. "He raped me and made me feel worthless as a human being. He has the inability to change and will always be a repeat offender."

Court documents show Burman gave his victims drugs and alcohol and booked hotel rooms in which they were forced to have sex with men in exchange for money.

"All of the money the victims were paid went to the defendant," the prosecuting attorney said.

Burman was reportedly violent with his victims, using intimidation to keep them under his control. He once beat and raped one of the girls because she was not making enough money.

His victims were recruited via Facebook, where he would trick them by offering them money.

Following Burman's conviction in April, District Attorney Michael Rourke said the case demonstrated that sex trafficking and underage prostitution is not confined to big cities where crime is widespread.

"This prosecution shows that human trafficking is not simply a big city problem, but unfortunately is a plague which is permeating all of our communities," Rourke said, according to the Greeley Tribune. "Jury verdicts such as this one should send a very clear message that this abhorrent conduct will not be tolerated."

Sources: Greeley Tribune, KDVR / Photo Credit: Greeley Tribune

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