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Body Found In Disturbing Position At Spanish Airport

A man was found dead and bound to a bench at a Spanish airport.

Steven Alford, 51, was found face-down and bound to a bench at Spain's Malaga Airport by an airport security guard. According to the Daily Mail, he was found "with a slice of ham on each buttock and his genitals wedged into a can of tuna." He had one hand tied to one end of the bench and his leg tied to the other end. His pants and underwear were both pulled all the way down.

Police are currently investigating to determine how Allford may have ended up in the disturbing predicament.

Investigators are awaiting the results of a post-mortem, but suspect that he may have been choked to death, or that he choked on his own vomit. Police believe that he may have been sexually assaulted, as well.

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Officers are working to obtain security footage from the night before to determine how the man got there.

"There were no obvious signs of violence on his body but the position he was found in suggested foul play," one source told the Daily Mail. "It is not known if what happened was done after or before death."

According to the source, police are trying to determine if perhaps the items were placed on Allford's body after he had died as a "sick joke."

Bystanders took photos and watched as the murder squad blocked off the area and began the investigation, The Guardian reports.

Sources: Daily MailThe Guardian / Photo credit: Karen Bryan/Flickr, via Daily Mail

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