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Police: Man Found 10-Pound Package Of Marijuana While Fishing Off Louisiana Coast

A Tennessee man fishing in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Louisiana reeled in a valuable catch when he found a 10-pound package of marijuana, police said. 

In a news release on July 1 the Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office said the man pulled the package from the water while fishing near Venice, Louisiana, The Times-Picayune reports. 

The The Times-Picayune reported the man found the package on June 7 but other news outlets report the package was found June 6.

“Initially, the angler believed the package was a boat cushion, as it floated up to his boat while he was fishing; however, when he opened a portion of it, he discovered it was marijuana,” the sheriff’s office statement said, reported WWL News. “The man contacted a friend who is in law enforcement, who in turn informed him to contact local authorities.”

He turned the drugs over to the sheriff’s office the next day, WDSU News reports. 

Police estimated the value of the drugs to be about $25,000. Authorities have not been able to determine where the drugs came from or to whom they belong. 

The recent discovery doesn’t appear to be all that peculiar and it certainly isn’t the most valuable. The Gulf of Mexico, it seems, has been depositing a good deal of illicit drugs on its shores recently. 

The Northwest Florida Daily News reported in April that authorities had found a bale of approximately $600,000 worth of cocaine, washed up on a Destin, Florida, beach.

On May 18 the Houston Chronicle reported a man had discovered $175,000 worth of cocaine while walking on the beach near Galveston, Texas. 

A week later the Chronicle reported authorities had found another 66 pounds of cocaine — estimated to be worth $3.5 million — on a Galveston beach. It was the sixth discovery in one week, police said. 

“It's not unlikely to see one (package of drugs wash ashore) each month, or one each couple of months,” Galveston Police Sgt. Joshua Schirard told the Chronicle. “Six in a week is obviously elevated.”

Sources: The Times-Picayune, WWL News, WDSU News, Northwest Florida Daily News, Houston Chronicle (May 18), Houston Chronicle (May 25)

Photo Credit: Police photo via WDSU News


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