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Man Found Not Guilty for Carrying Gun Near Obama Rally

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    Original: is pleased to announce that today in Allegheny County, PA both judge and jury agreed that legally carrying a gun while handing our literature in a public park is neither “disorderly” nor “disruptive of a meeting, procession or gathering” even if a presidential candidate might be speaking in a nearby location later in the day. Justice was done for John “Mountain Jack” Nobles today. See

In fact, justice has been done 3 times in the past year in a trifecta of criminal and quasi-criminal cases or actions brought against Pennsylvania gun owners for merely exercising their constitutionally protected right to open carry. See

Noble’s prosecution was particularly egregious for 3 reasons. First, he was not at any Obama rally nor was any Obama rally occurring when he was arrested. Second, the Secret Service cleared Nobles shortly after the arrest by the locals. Third, not only was Noble’s conduct (i.e., mere holstered open carry while handing out fliers) constitutionally protected, but he was in a public park – a place considered a “public forum” under the law where speech and assembly rights are constitutionally protected to a degree nearly without question.

The action by the Pennsylvania State Police and Beaver County prosecutor to bring criminal prosecution under these facts can only be described as an abortion of justice.

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