Man Found Not Guilty for Filming Police, Ambulance (Video)


Andrew Henderson, who was charged with disorderly conduct and obstructing an ambulance crew, was found not guilty by a jury this week.

The incident happened inside Henderson's apartment complex in Little Canada, Minn. where authorities were taking a drunken man to a hospital on Oct. 30, 2012.

Henderson was filming police and EMT workers when he had his camera taken away by a Ramsey County Sheriff's Deputy, who told him, "If I end up on YouTube, I'm gonna be upset."

Joshua Norgaard, a paramedic on scene, claimed in court that Henderson was only three feet away from him at times.

However, Henderson maintained that he was at least 30 feet away from Norgaard.

After his not guilty verdict, Henderson told (video below), “This has just reaffirmed to me that law enforcement needs to be watched… and held accountable for their actions.”

When asked if he would do anything differently next time, Henderson said he now uses an app to stream his video in real time and save it in "the cloud."

According to, Jackie Muellner, a then-employee of the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, confiscated Henderson’s camera and actually took it home.

When Henderson got his camera back, the video of the incident had been mysteriously erased.

Kevin Beck, the prosecutor for Little Canada, was disappointed by the verdict, but claimed Henderson didn't have to physically obstruct the ambulance crew to be guilty of the obstruction misdemeanor.

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