Man In Fort Worth Attacks Wrong People With Ax, Electric Saw, Apologizes Before Fleeing

Look, it happens to all of us. You know, that embarrassing moment when you walk up to someone you think you know — a friend, or even your husband or wife — and as soon as you say something personal, you realize that you’ve never seen this person before in your life.

Yeah, that’s an awkward moment. So imagine how awkward this guy in Fort Worth, Texas, must have felt when he attacked two other men with an ax and an electric saw, only to to have it dawn on him that they were not the people he intended to hack to death.


Jose Avila, 25, and his dad Jose Deleon each pulled his own car int the Valero gas station at 2160 Jacksboro Highway in Fort Worth, sometime around 2 pm Sunday afternoon. No sooner had Avila stepped out of his car then a pickup truck pulled into the station and stopped right in front of Avila’s car.

Next thing Avila knows, here’s this guy coming at him with an axe. According to police the man was white, about 5 feet 11 inches and 180 pounds. He was wearing an orange “Whataburger” T-shirt.

He shouted something at Avila who in his understandable panic could only make out the words, “You took...”

Then he raised the ax.

As the police report rather dispassionately described it, “Avila feared for his life and felt the male was going to harm him with the ax.”

The man’s father leaped out of his own car and rushed to his son’s defense. He yelled at the man to stop. But in response, the apparent “Whataburger” enthusiast returned to his pickup truck, tossed the ax into the flatbed and pulled out an electric saw.

Holding the saw by the blade, he swung it at Deleon, hitting him in the head and opening up a nasty cut. But the two men, fortunately, wrestled the saw out of the man’s hands.

At which point, the still-unidentified assailant realized his goof.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I thought you were someone else.” Then he drove off in his truck.

Now that is embarrassing.

Police are on the lookout for the attacker, who drove a a primer-colored mid-1980s pickup, partial license plate: BB3.

SOURCES: Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Morning News, CBS 11 Dallas


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