Man Forgives Father For Injecting Him With HIV As Baby


A St. Louis, Missouri, man forgave his father after he injected him with the HIV virus intentionally as a baby.

Brryan Jackson’s story went viral several years ago, when the AIDS activist revealed that his father purposely injected him with the virus as a baby to avoid paying child support.

“Anyone in my condition would die in three months they gave me five,” Jackson, who was injected at 11 months in 1992, told KPLR. 

Jackson ultimately defied the odds against him, even after he developed AIDS. Now, he’s decided to forgive the man who turned his life upside down at such a young age. 

“I think there is salvation for everyone, and I find myself praying for my father's salvation,” he said of his dad, who is set to be released from jail within the next few years.

Jackson said he credits his Christian faith for his outlook on the situation and his ability to forgive his father.

His outlook hasn’t always been positive, however. At one point, the young man said he considered suicide. 

“I had three knives in front of me but I realized there is hope, and it's not about what you have it's what you can give,” he said. 

In 2010, Jackson spoke to ABC News about his activism and the work he does for Camp Kindle, a program sponsoring summer camps for HIV positive children.

“You can either look at the blessings that come from life, look at all the problems as opportunities for blessings or you can just ignore them and let them run you and let them control your life. I just decided, I want to put an end to this, I want to make a difference,” he said. 

Jackson told KPLR he’s considering a career in church ministry as well as politics. He also said he’s considered going to medical school. 

Sources: KPLR, ABC News / Photo credit: Christian Post

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