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Man Forced to Pay Hundreds of Dollars to Retrieve Stolen Car

A brand new Baltimore resident got a pretty unlucky welcome after his car was stolen while he was out to dinner. To make matters worse, he was forced to pay hundreds of dollars to retrieve it.

It was November 15th, and Ryan Servant says that's when he discovered that his car wasn’t where he parked it.

"Well, originally my reaction, I thought it was towed," said Servant, who quickly realized that it was stolen. He says he reported it to police right away, and a week later, police discovered the vehicle. Servant’s car, however, was wrecked, so it was impounded.

Servant says that he was never notified about his car being impounded until he received a release bill on December 3rd for $400.

"You can get that type of message and information out quickly.  So, with that being said, then why aren't there things in place now in 2013 that would allow us to get that message out quickly,” said Servant.

The bill was reportedly lowered to $130 after a local news station contacted police on behalf of Servant. The police maintain that the car wasn’t logged as stolen in their system and that’s why the additional fees were charged.

Statistics for Baltimore show that the city has a crime index of 4, with 100 being the safest. The number of annual property crimes for the city with a population of over 600,000 is reported to be 30,465.


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