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Caught On Tape: Intruder Savagely Beats Woman (Video)

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A New Jersey man convicted of beating a woman in a brutal home invasion that was caught on a nanny cam has been sentenced to life in prison plus five years (video below).

WPIX News reports that Shawn Custis was convicted of aggravated assault, robbery, and other crimes for the 2013 attack in Millburn, New Jersey.  Custis allegedly beat, punched, kicked, and choked a woman in front of her three-year-old daughter during a home invasion caught on camera.  

The three-year-old was not injured during the incident.  The woman, who sustained several injuries, survived the attack and testified in court against Custis.  At the sentencing, the judge called Custis “vicious, depraved and evil.”

Custis can be seen lunging at the woman and punching her in the face as the two tumble onto the couch, then slamming her into the wall and down onto the floor, where he repeatedly punches and kicks her.  He even drags her to the kitchen and throws her down a flight of stairs -- all while the woman's daughter watches on in terror. 

Custis’ attorney argued that the police investigation was biased because a white officer responding to the crime was heard on video using a racial slur.  Custis is black.

However, that argument fell on deaf ears, as Custis was convicted and will now be spending a long time behind bars, pending an appeal. 

Sources: WPIX News, News 12 via YouTube / Photo credit: News 12 via addMoreJuice

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