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Man Forced To Face The Goat He Raped As He Confesses His Crime In Court (Video)

A Kenyan man was sentenced to 10 years in prison last Friday when he was convicted of having sex with a goat.

The man, identified as 28-year-old Katan Kitsoa Gona, pleaded guilty to bestiality after he was found hiding in a bush having sex with the tied up goat. He was arrested after a veterinarian confirmed that the goat had indeed been raped.

As if getting caught raping a goat isn’t bad enough, Gona had to face the goat in front of the entire courtroom as he confessed to his crime. The female goat, whose name was not revealed, was short on words during the confession.

Some say the 10 year sentence handed to Gona is overly harsh. Earlier this year in the United Kingdom, a man caught raping a goat was sentenced to no jail time -- he was only banned from visiting farms. Anyone else find it upsetting that this goat is seeing more justice than many human rape victims?

In case you were curious, here is what a victimized goat in a court room looks like:

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