Man Sparks Anger By Posting Pictures Of Him Putting A Gun To Baby's Head (Photo)


Luis Martin Perez Rocha was forced to make an apology after he posted shocking pictures on Facebook of himself holding what appeared to be a gun to his two-year-old nephew’s head.

Rocha took the two images of himself with his nephew at his home in Caujimalpa de Morelos, a borough of Mexico City, then uploaded them after work one day. However, social media users and his bosses were both upset by the viral photos, and Rocha was forced to make a YouTube apology a few days later.

Rocha’s pictures were so controversial that his employer’s hashtag, #LordValetParking, trended on Twitter in Mexico.

“Have you seen these images? Check his Facebook profile out, this is not a man, it is a monster,” one Twitter user wrote.

In his video apology, Rocha noted that taking and uploading the pictures was a mistake. He also confirmed that the gun was only a toy, and that there were no consequences for the child as a result of the pictures.

“The young boy is my nephew who lives in the same house as me and we were playing,” Rocha said. “I have already contacted police and told them that the gun is a toy and I have offered to provide it if needed as proof of my claim.”

Last year, Rocha uploaded a similar picture in which he aimed the toy gun at a woman.

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Sources: DailyMail, National Headlines


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