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Police: Man Sexually Assaulted 9-Year-Old In Bathroom

Officials in Santa Ana, California, are searching for a man who allegedly followed a 9-year-old boy into a park bathroom and sexually assaulted him during a children's birthday party.

The assault reportedly occurred on May 22, according to KTLA.  Police say that the man entered the bathroom shortly after the child and started a conversation with the child in Spanish.  

The man then touched the boy's genitals and fled the area, KABC reports.  When being interviewed by police after the incident took place, the child said that he did not know the man and had not seen him in the past.

The man was described as being roughly 25 years of age, with short hair and a thin mustache.  The suspect was reportedly wearing blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

Sources: KLTA, KABC / Photo credit: KABC

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