White Supremacist With Anti-Police Tattoo Captured


Ricky Reasoner, a 33-year-old white supremacist gang member, has been captured after violating his parole by cutting off his GPS ankle bracelet on June 7 and fleeing. He was caught in Lakewood, Colorado, July 21.

He was not difficult to identify, because his many tattoos include an iron cross on his neck, the logo for the “Peckerwoods” gang on his legs, and the phrase “F*** cops” above his eye,” the Denver Post reports.

Peckerwood gang members typically have tattoos of common Aryan symbols, to show their support of and belief in white supremacy, according to the website White Prison Gangs.

The site explains that the term “Peckerwood” was originally used as a derogatory term that Southern blacks used to describe poor whites, but eventually became a source of pride among white prison inmates.

Their tattoos commonly display the phrases "Peckerwood," "Pure Peckerwood," "100% Pure Wood," "Pure Peck," "Pure Wood," "Peckerwood Inc," "Peckerwood Tribe," "100% Peckerwood," or images of a woodpecker.

Another thing that makes Ricky Reasoner easy to spot is the fact that the whites of his eyes have been tattooed black. It is a process known as scleral tattooing.

The Body Modification Ezine defines it as “the process of permanently altering the color of the eye. Generally this refers to the injection of ink under the surface of the white of the eye, rather than changing the color of the iris.”

Why would someone do this to their eyes? That is a “rude question” to ask, says the BME, which goes on to answer the question anyway:

Because they like the way it looks. Because it suits them spiritually. Because they find it sexually appealing. Because they want to differentiate themselves from others. Because they feel tattooing has gotten [too] mainstream and [they] want something more socially offensive. Because they saw it in a dream. Because it appeals to them as an artist. Because they want to make a political statement. Because they’re mad at their mommy for not hugging them enough. Because it’s none of your business.

Sources: Daily Mail, White Prison Gangs, Body Modification Ezine / Photo credit: Colorado Department of Corrections via Denver Post

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