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Man Fires AK-47 at Police Officer for No Reason

Devon Spencer is accused of firing an AK-47 rifle at Sheriff’s Officer Clifford Sames in Jacksonville, Fla. last Saturday.

Spencer (pictured) allegedly fired at Officer Sames, who was in the front yard of Spencer’s home and interviewing a man who was involved in a hit-and-run car crash.

After Spencer fired, Officer Sames fired back with his handgun, hitting Spencer in the shoulder and leg, noted WOKV.

“An eyewitness at the scene indicated that Spencer fired his weapon first and that Officer Sames returned fire,” Chief of Detectives Adam Brown of Jacksonville Sheriff‘s Office stated on Sunday, reports The Florida Times-Union.

“Also, there was physical evidence at the scene that indicated that the suspect [Spencer] did in fact have a weapon… and that weapon is an AK-47 assault rifle, known on the street as a ‘chopper,’” added Det. Brown.

Spencer reportedly fled, but was arrested inside a neighborhood shed. Police found the AK-47 inside Spencer's home.

Spencer was treated for his wounds, charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and held in the Duval County Jail without bail.

The Miami Herald reports that Spencer had a prior drug conviction for possession of cocaine in January.

Police don’t know why Spencer shot at Officer Sames.

Spencer chose to be silent while being interviewed by officers, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office report.

Sources: The Florida Times-Union, Miami Herald, WOKV


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