Man Fires 33 Rounds Into Home Of Woman Who Refused Sex

A 69-year-old Florida man allegedly fired 33 rounds from a semi-automatic handgun into the home of a woman who refused his sexual advances.

Deputies were called to a home in The Villages on June 20 after gunshots were fired into a house, Click Orlando reports.

An intoxicated man named Howard Sparber was found to be the gunman. In his possession, Sparber had a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and two empty magazines that together held 35 bullets when police arrested him.

Sparber was attempting to gain entrance into a woman’s home with whom he was infatuated, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. The bullets he fired went through the storm and front doors, and continued to strike kitchen cabinets and their contents, causing approximately $3,000 worth of damage.

The woman said Sparber had been harassing her since 2015 with sexual propositions. On one occasion, he pointed a gun at the woman, making her fear for her life.

The woman was not there when Sparber opened fire on the home.

Sparber is charged with armed burglary, aggravated stalking, shooting into a dwelling and criminal mischief, Click Orlando reports.

Sources: Click Orlando, Sumter County Sheriff / Photo credit: Sumter County Sheriff

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