Man Fired After Employees See What He Put On His Car (Photos)

Although the Confederate flag has disappeared from many public areas recently, people flying the stars and bars in private increasingly find themselves under fire.

In Decatur, Alabama, the controversial flag may have even led to the recent firing of two employees at Turner Industries. Both men allegedly refused to remove the Confederate flag from their vehicles, leading the company to act decisively, reports WHNT19.

Worker Phillip Sims claims he forgot to take the flag off of his truck from the weekend. He quickly found out the flag did not fly well with his bosses. As the employee explained to WHNT19, his manager reportedly took him aside and told him, “Hey, we like your work here and we like you, but your flag, it’s gonna have to go. He said 'I hate to be the one to tell you that but if you don’t I’m gonna have to fire you.'”

Sims refused and as a result, now finds himself jobless, along with one other worker, who declined to speak. Sims says the company has called him three times, offering him the job back — with the concession that he not fly the Confederate flag on his truck. The worker is adamant in his position.

“I’m unemployed now but I still feel that I made the right decision,” Sims told WHNT19. “It’s a statement of our heritage and it’s just my right to have it and I don’t think that I should just give it up because somebody told me I had to.”

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Sims has contacted the American Civil Liberties Union in the hope it will take interest in his case, reports WHNT19.

Similarly, a man in Bowie, Maryland, is also coming under attack from his neighbors for flying the Confederate flag.

Only recently did Linwood Holmes put the flag, which bears the message "I ain't coming down," on display. Many believe it was a response to the South Carolina capitol removing its Confederate flag. While the man has heard multiple complaints from his neighbors and even received a letter from the city mayor asking to take the flag down, Holmes has no plans to heed their calls, reports the Capital Gazette.

"I really don't care what anyone thinks," Holmes said to the Capital Gazette.

Sources: WHNT19Capital Gazette / Photo credit: Darryl Moran/Flickr


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