Man Finds Woman Living In His Attic


A man was stunned to find a woman living in his attic, and even more surprised when she insisted it was her home.

Davis Wahlman heard rustling in the attic of his Washington home. To his surprise, when he tried to open the attic door, it was locked. According to KOMO, he decided to knock on the door when he heard a woman call out, "Jimmy? Is that you Jimmy?"

"I'm like 'No, it's not Jimmy,'" Wahlman recalled. "'Who is this and why are you in my house?'" 

The stranger opened the door and insisted the house belonged to her. "This is my house. I live here," she told Wahlman. "I've been here for three days. Jimmy said I could live here, Jimmy said I could stay here."

The house has been in Wahlman's family for 90 years.

Wahlman immediately called 911, but the woman ran away before police arrived, despite Wahlman's attempts to keep her in the house.

"I absolutely support the cops, I love the police officers and I’m really happy they did show up, but as I’m telling someone on dispatch that there’s someone in my house, 'Hey, please bring help' and it took 18 minutes -- that’s a little disappointing," Wahlman told KOMO.

The homeowner has no idea how the strange woman could have entered his house. Before their confrontation, he found the bathroom's window screen inside his bath tub and his fire escape ladder hanging from his deck, reports the Daily Mail.

Although he found this suspicious, he didn't think much of it. The bathroom window is small and on the upper levels of the house. It can't easily be accessed without a ladder or help from another person. 

Nothing was stolen and Wahlman has since changed all his locks. He described the woman to KOMO as having dark, shoulder-length hair and wearing sweat pants with a black track jacket and white hood. She also wore a white knit hat and was carrying a backpack. 

Wahlman took to Twitter to make light of the situation comparing the incident to the popular game "Pokemon Go," joking "Everyone's out there catching Pokemon, meanwhile, I'm catching weird ladies in my attic."

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"To come into a house like this, in this neighborhood, that's clearly being lived in that's bold," Wahlman told KOMO.

"It's just weird, you know?"

Sources: Daily Mail, KOMO / Photo credit: KOMO via Daily Mail 

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