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Man Finds Huge 'Dinosaur Egg,' But It's Something More (Photos)

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An Argentinean man discovered what he first thought was a dinosaur egg until he realized that it was something much more amazing.

Jose Antonio Nievas was on a walk on his family farm near Buenos Aires when he discovered what appeared to be a massive black egg near a riverbed.

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Nievas rushed home and told his family about the discovery, and their initial reaction was to laugh at the idea of a dinosaur egg.

When it was dug up, Nievas discovered that the egg was 3 feet wide. It was ultimately determined that it wasn’t a dinosaur egg after all, but the armor of a Glyptodon, a member of the Armadillo family that was alive during the Ice Age.

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The armor found by Nievas was there to protect the Glyptodon from predators -- and it was in particularly good condition. 

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The shell found by Nievas had damage, which experts believe was caused by a fight with another Glyptodon.

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The incredible discovery went viral, with many expressing their amazement at the shell.

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“That is totally awesome,” one reader wrote on Shared’s Facebook page.

Glyptodons died about 10,000 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age. They were particularly strong animals due to their incredible shells, which were made of roughly 1,000 bony plates. They are often compared to turtles but actually have different ancestries. 

Nievas' incredible find was thought to be fake by many skeptics when it first went viral, but it was ultimately confirmed by experts to be authentic. 

Sources: Shared/Facebook, Hero Viral / Photo credit: Ruptly TV/YouTube via Hero Viral 

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